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Tips for Jewellery Care

Imitation jewellery have become part of vogue because it allows you to enjoy luxury at an affordable price. However, the plating surface has a certain lifespan and requires proper care and maintenance to prolong its life.

You can use your jewellery whenever required. But while unused, please maintain it inside a plastic box or zip lock cover. Any moisture or sweat should be properly wiped off before storing.

You may have boxes which have velvet material used interiors; gifted to you or when you purchased any jewellery. Please do not use these for storing imitation jewellery.

Perfumes and deodorants or body & hair sprays are not good for imitation jewellery. How well your jewellery may look with the plating doesn't matter. A single spray of these can instantly spoil the look and colour of the jewellery or shorten the colour life. Kindly avoid using these or other chemicals or cleaning agents directly on your jewellery.

In case of any dust or other residue, please wipe it using a non-sticky soft cloth and then preserve it in an air-tight zip lock cover or plastic box.

ATELIER FASHION sells only quality products to our patrons. A little care from you; shall ensure the maximum and best use of your product.