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Why Oxide jewelry is in trending now?


They come in various designs, shapes, forms and sizes. Women of all age groups wear oxidized silver jewellery in various forms. And most of them are blackened, with edgy and trendy designs, contrasting colors of gemstones and with a pop of diamonds too on them. But what exactly is oxidized silver jewellery? Before we show you a range of oxidized silver jewellery, let’s understand them better.

Oxidized Silver Jewellery:

It is a piece of silver, which has been blackened or has been oxidized, and it is more on the lines of true sterling silver as well. However, the surface of the piece has been blackened on purpose through a chemical process. When the surface of the jewellery has been exposed to sulfides the color of the surface changes, and this speeds up the tarnishing process. What happens here is that there is a silver sulfide layer that forms on the outer surface of the metal, which gives the jewellery piece a very blackened look.

The term oxidation is kind of misleading when it comes to oxidized silver jewellery. This is because, there is no oxygen involved in the chemical process of changing the silver shine to black. In fact, it is the sulfides that have been introduced into it which turns the silver black. But this is an industrial term used, and hence it is known as oxidized silver.

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